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Cavities can be problematic for adult teeth, and they can be particularly traumatic for a child’s primary tooth. A significant amount of healthy tooth enamel can quickly be lost to tooth decay on small pediatric teeth.

This is even more likely to become an issue if your son or daughter also struggles to maintain a consistent daily oral hygiene routine. As the excess bacterial matter in their mouth, it could increase their chances of suffering a cavity on one of their teeth.

If too much healthy tooth enamel is lost to a large cavity, Dr. Galina Zhukova and his team might recommend treating your child’s tooth with a dental crown restoration. Sometimes referred to as a dental cap, this mode of treatment will effectively replace the majority of the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternate dental material.

The dental crown should maintain the tooth basic function and structural presence long enough for the permanent replacement to emerge from the gums. If Dr. Galina Zhukova has any concerns about other teeth, he will help you understand the necessary treatment options.

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