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Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that can help you repair broken, decayed, chipped, and cracked teeth. It can also help you replace missing teeth. This branch of dentistry focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of oral problems, like dental conditions, diseases, and disorders. Generally, teeth that have been affected by developmental or traumatic dental issues can qualify for restorative care.

There are many treatments that fall under the restorative dentistry umbrella, which is why our dentist, Dr. Galina Zhukova, is happy to offer such a beneficial service. Some helpful treatments include dental fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, dental bridges, dentures, and more. With the help of restorative dentistry, you can restore the health and function of your chompers as well as replace any missing teeth. This can give you the top-notch oral health you deserve!

When you come to our office for a restorative dental treatment, your dentist will take a series of X-rays to help him examine the health and condition of your teeth and oral bones. When a problem is detected, he will keep your needs, wants, and desires in mind when he decides on the best treatment for you. Some treatments are more invasive than others, but there is nothing to worry about because our dental team will be happy to use anesthesia and sedation. These things can help you feel calm and relaxed during treatment.

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