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Dental fillings are a common form of dental treatment used to repair a tooth that suffers from a small chip or cavity. While they are intended to last for many years, fillings can have a finite lifespan. Inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene regimen can allow the bacteria in your mouth to exploit the bond that is holding the filling in place.

As this starts to happen, you might notice some common symptoms. If the filling is on the biting surface of the tooth and you notice an uncomfortable pain when biting down or chewing, it could be a sign of a problem. If the filling is near your tongue, you might feel it develop an edge or a change in texture.

If the bacteria living in your mouth have infiltrated the space between the filling and the healthy tooth enamel, it might develop a light shade of gray in the tooth enamel that surrounds the filling. Without timely treatment, this new cavity could grow and cause more significant complications.

At Paramus Dental & Implant Center, your dentist can determine the severity of the problem and present you with the best treatment options. This might involve applying a new filling or treating the tooth with a dental crown.

Should you experience problems with your dental filling in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, you should call 201-518-9795 to have it examined and treated by Dr. Galina Zhukova at Paramus Dental & Implant Center.