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If you ever happen to have any missing teeth, it is always a good idea to seek out reliable dental restorations to replace them. If you have any damage to teeth that are still firmly attached to your mouth, they will need to be repaired. Damage can occur in all shapes and sizes and take place in a matter of minutes. However, damage could slowly be occurring over time as well and lead to a slow breakdown of your tooth enamel.

Because your tooth enamel is a thin layer atop your teeth, it acts as an added layer of protection. If it ever breaks down, the inner workings of a tooth could be vulnerable. If a hole forms, this is known as a cavity. To properly treat cavities, you will need to make sure that a reliable restoration treatment in the form of a dental filling is used.

One of the most forms of dental fillings in modern dentistry is a composite dental filling. Composite fillings are tooth-colored in appearance and can match the natural shade of your teeth. This is extremely important for individuals who wish to have their treatments blended with their smile. Furthermore, composite fillings are helpful for filling in cavities that other filling treatments such as amalgams cannot fill. Because they can be used on extremely small cavities, they are much more preventative to leakage and better fillings of the margins. If that wasn’t enough, composites can even be easily replaced as needed because you do not need to remove the original filling. Instead, they can be repaired many times over simply by applying a new composite on top.

Composites are also mercury-free, so any individuals who may be allergic to the metal do not have anything to worry about. Composite fillings are recognized for their durability and can last several years before any form of restoration may be needed. That could be up at 7 to 10 years of reliability.

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