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Most of the time toothaches are the consequence of untreated tooth decay. However, it is also the result of an oral trauma to cause substantial dental damage. This disturbs the pulp, root, or socket of the tooth. This might even be a few days after the traumatic incident as inflammation sets into the area.

If the initial oral trauma leaves blood and fragments of wounded tissues in your mouth, you can lightly rinse it away with water. If you have swelling in your lip or cheek you can apply a cold compress to your face for 15 minute intervals.

Applying a topical numbing agent, like Anbesol, on the neighboring gums or holding a cold compress to your cheek, may off some temporary relief from pain. Just remember that this is not a lasting treatment strategy, it is only intended to provide reprieve while you set up your appointment with Dr. Galina Zhukova.

In most cases like this, Dr. Galina Zhukova will need to perform an endodontic treatment, such as a root canal. This will remove damaged tissues, and reconstruct the structure of the tooth adequate for restoration with a crown.

Paramus Dental & Implant Center is happy to attend to your dental care needs. If you are experiencing toothache pain from an oral trauma and you live in the Rochelle Park, New Jersey area, please do not delay in calling 201-518-9795 to have it diagnosed and treated by Dr. Galina Zhukova.