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Dental fillings have been around for years and years as one of the most common options for restorative dentistry. However, some of their uses and benefits remain unknown to the majority of patients seeking restorative care. At Paramus Dental & Implant Center, we can offer you amalgam and composite dental fillings depending on the needs of your smile and your desired results.

Below is a list of some of the lesser-known benefits that amalgam and composite dental fillings may offer and how they can influence your smile:

– Replacing small and minor cavities with durable dental material

– Treating compromised teeth for a stronger bite force (strong amalgam fillings for back teeth and aesthetic tooth-colored dental fillings for the visible front teeth)

– Restoring a beautiful and natural appearance to a damaged tooth (composites)

– Offering quick and conservative dental treatment in as little as one visit for a tooth that is decayed, chipped or cracked

– Providing as much as 12-15 years of great use without any special care needed (though you need to keep your teeth in good shape)

– No expensive dental treatment required

– Improving your smile aesthetic (composites) or helping a weak and damaged tooth become stronger (amalgams)

Drs. Zhukova, Mourad and Ringler, our friendly and experienced dentists, can help you determine if your smile would benefit from our dental fillings in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. You are welcome to contact our dental team at 201-518-9795 today if you need to schedule a visit with us.