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Have you even considered brightening your teeth but are unsure which treatment method to use? Given the explosion of the tooth whitening market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed in finding the right treatment service for your smile.

Which teeth whitening treatment is right for your smile? Consider the following three treatment

Store-bought tooth whiteners: Over the counter tooth whiteners are unregulated and can produce a myriad of effects for your smile. Some products can potentially be dangerous and cause harm to your tooth enamel and bleach your gums. Always talk with your dentist before using a store-bought tooth whitener.

In-office professional whitening services: In-office whiteners are professional tooth whiteners administered directly by a professional. These are considered the highest quality and safest tooth whiteners on the market today.

At-home whitening kits: At-home whiteners are given by your dentist to use in your spare time. Oftentimes, a professional whitening is not constantly needed, so at-home whitening kits can be used to fix up any flaws or irregularities that may show up.

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