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If you have missing teeth, it is possible for harmful bacteria to fester in the hidden space left behind by the lost tooth and cause further damage and destruction to your remaining healthy teeth. Your smile deserves a full deck, so fill in your gaps with dental implants. The benefits of dental implants include:

– Dental implants can restore your eating and speaking skills to a much more natural level like what it was before tooth loss occurred.
– Through a progression known as Osseointegration, the bone supporting the implant can grow stronger.
– Dental implants can be modified based on size, shape, color, fitness, curvature, and comfort.
– Dental implants can fill out your gums and improve your social status and self-esteem.
– Dental implants seal the voids that missing teeth leave behind and prevent other teeth from shifting or moving around the loose gums.
– Without any teeth to latch onto, over time your jawbone can deteriorate and weaken.
– With ideal care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Speak with Dr. Galina Zhukova at Paramus Dental & Implant Center to ensure that dental implants are the right tooth replacement treatment for you. Our office is conveniently situated in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, and we can be reached via phone at 201-518-9795. Schedule a visit soon and we can get you back on the path to oral health care success!